directors and officers

The Board of Directors

• Martin Imbleau, Senior Vice President, Operations, Transport and Development, Énergir, L.P.

• Tracy Robinson, Senior Vice-President, Canada Gas, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

• Dave Rhéaume, Director, Regulatory Affairs Out-of-Quebec & Special Projects, Énergir, L.P.

• Don Bell, Director, Commercial East, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

• Bryce A. Lord, Vice-President, Canadian and Mexico Gas Pipelines and Storage Operations, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

• Sarah Gendron, Associate Director, Corporate Control, Énergir, L.P.

• Stephanie Wilson, Vice-President, Commercial East, TransCanada Pipelines Ltd.

TQM Pipeline Officers

• Dave Rhéaume - Chief Executive Officer

• Don Bell - General Manager

• Chuck Morris - Chief Financial Officer

• Michel Brunet - Secretary


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