Community Investment

TQM's program goes beyond investing dollars into the communities where we live, work and conduct our business. We partner in building healthy, safe and vibrant communities by identifying and forging meaningful partnerships in the non-profit and voluntary sector. TQM believes in supporting local associations and organizations which serve as community assets in empowering individuals, building strong communities and creating effective citizens.

Areas of Focus

TQM is committed to building healthy, safe and vibrant communities where our employees live and work. Community infrastructure is what communities need to build their future. This is the network of individuals, associations and institutions that help communities to sustain grow, and thrive such as libraries, fire stations, parks, neighbourhood associations, youth groups and more.

Funding Priorities

TQM invests in our communities because it makes good sense - both from a business and a human perspective. We apply the following criteria to funding requests that fit within our current five focus areas (civic investment, education, environment, health, human services) where:

  • The extent of our business and number of employees in a specific community requesting funding, and
  • The number of people from the community likely to benefit from the proposed project or program

The Important Role of Our Regions

In addition to the community grants work done to meet our corporate program, our regions play an important role in carrying out our community investment vision. Team members in our regions are responsible for the development of region specific plans that integrate Community Investment, Community Relations, Aboriginal and Tribal Relations, and the Integrated Public Awareness program. Regional Requests that come in are reviewed by the appropriate regional team members.

TQM calls upon TransCanada PipeLines Limited (TransCanada) to ensure the operation of its pipeline system. As part of its operations, TransCanada is also responsible for the management of the community investment program for TQM.

To submit a proposal, please apply through TransCanada’s community investment program website.


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